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Helping our Wildlife

All year round, vets around the world help injured and sick native animals. We do it because we care about all animals.  Each year, we see well intentioned people do more harm to these guys than good. 
Below I will list some files sourced from other websites for situations that we are faced with regularly, especially during Spring.
Many people often want to keep these wild animals as pets, even if they can be rehabilitated back to being able to live in the wild. In NSW, you need a licence to do this.  I believe that all wild animals belong in the wild. 
I support maintaining a habitat for all wild animals, including birds, which all of us can do with our backyards. I don't support the keeping of wild animals as pets, and I do know the arguments for and against this.  But, it is a grey area, as it really depends on the individual animal, on whether they can cope being a pet or not.  Some wild animals adapt really well, and are not stressed in the process. Many others are, and die as a result of the stress. 


WIRES now has an app - where you can contact them directly if you find injured wildlife. Click here.

Reference and/or link sites:

Updated 4th October 2015

File NameDescription / Comment
Baby Bird PosterThis is a "what age am I" type of poster, aswell as a "how you can best help me". From Wildcare Australia.
Baby Bird? What you can do to help.An excellent sheet on what you can do, and not do, to help these little guys who want to leave the nest too early.
Bushfire factsheetWith the summer of 2012 gearing up to be a hot one, know what to do helps reduce the stress to us and to our animals.
Feeding Native Animals "Let Nature feed itself" is a great handout on how to support nature feed the native birds, as many people do harm by feeding native birds.
Information about Baby BirdsAn article that Wildcare Australia produced in 2008.
Living with Magpies...In otherwords, how to avoid being swooped and hurt by those birds who are trying to protect their young, and see you as a threat to them.