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Russell Vale Animal Clinic Stop FIVLove your cat -   Australia has one of the highest FIV infection rates in the world. This is a criminal statistic in our pet lover society!


  Why is it so? I believe it is because many people do not realise that it is out there, and those that do, do not realise that there is a vaccination that may protect their cat against infection.


Many of the cats I see are mostly indoors, and if indoor/outdoor cats, rarely get into fights. At Russell Vale vets, our feline pre-anaesthetic panel includes FIV (as this forms part of our Standards of Care)  Fortunately, for the number of cats,  the results are negative. I am really happy that so far, the incidence of FIV in our area is low, but that could be because the number of tests I do don't match the number of cats that are out there.

If your cat is outdoors some of the time, and has had fights in the past, then your pet needs to get tested. No ifs or buts. Russell Vale Animal Clinic animal care Wollongong


Our FIV test is a triple combo, in which it also tests for Heartworm and Feline Leukemia Virus. A simple blood test can check the status of your cat. And even better, a vaccination is available.





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