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The Email Consultation with Dr Liz

Email veterinary consultations now available Russell Vale Animal Clinic for existing clientsI have not only managed to split myself into the real and the Virtual Dr Liz, and I have managed to split myself even further into the "email consultation" Dr Liz. 

For those of you who just want an email consultation, advice and support without leaving your home, we are here for you.  

If your enquiry is only simple, then do what you have always done - email me directly. 

However, most of the emails I have been receiving have included photos, and have been very detailed, and this requires more time and detailed explanations about what could be going on, and what we can do to help.  

As you are asking for email advice, we are here to help.

1. Go to our online booking site here, click and pay for your online consultation via paypal.   (don't forget to come back to do step number 2)

2. Please fill out the form below, answer all questions, and submit any further photos to us via our email (ensuring that you specify you and your pet's name).  A mobile phone number is essential as we will always advise via sms that an email has been sent (yes it can be at any hour of the day or night so I apologise in advance for that). 

Email Dr Liz veterinary consultations Russell Vale Woonona northern illawarra

3. Whilst your booking will say it is for a particular day or time, disregard that.... we are only using this system to make sure that every email consultation request is accounted for (and not gone missing in the email ether). (i.e my backup system) 

What to do if you do not get a reply? Check your spam box first.  Make sure you have given us the correct email address and correct mobile number.  If all of those are correct, then you can message me via Facebook. 

About you
Owner's Name
Owners Surname
Client number (if known - on receipts)
Contact Phone Number
Email (essential)
Address (if it has changed since we last saw you)

Pet Details
Pet's name
Any change in details since we have seen you last? eg desexing
Any other relevant changes since your last vet visit with us (eg seen another vet). As much infomation you can give the better.
If any other vet visit elsewhere, pls advise other vet details, email address or phone number (we assume this will give us authority to contact them for your pet's history if needed).
Estimated weight (if it has changed since your last visit with us)

Presenting complaint
Please give a summary in a sentence what is the main concern about your pet We will ask for more information further down.

General health questions
Describe what you feed your pet.
Heartworm prevention? If so, what do you use
What do you use for Flea/Tick control, and when was it last applied.
What do you use for intestinal worming, what dose, and when did you last administer it.
What current medications and supplements does your pet take (please list all non prescription food additives, supplements, herbal supplements etc)
Are there any other existing or previous medical conditions we may not be aware of?

About your visit - please expand if needed.
You are aware that we will reply as soon as is reasonably possible,(can take up to 2 days), that the assessment we can make is limmited by the information that you give us. Yes, or No.
Eating normally?
Drinking normally?
Is it a skin problem? Yes. No. If so, we will email you a further skin questionnaire unless you have already filled one out for us in the past.
Please detail your main concern. If there are photos, feel free to email them to

Owner Declaration
I, the owner, am submitting this information, declare it to be as true and honest, and covers all of the relevant information that Dr Liz will need to help my pet. I understand that there are limitations. I confirm that I have booked and paid online.
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