Russell Vale Animal Clinic Files - 'Handouts'http://russellvaleanimalclinic.evetsites.netRussell Vale Animal Clinic is a small, but full service dog and cat veterinary practice in Russell Vale, NSW with a special interest in dentistry and behaviour. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.2013 - Rabbit Calcivirus information April and May 2013 the government will release Rabbit Calicivirus into the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Here is some information on the disease.file/45834/2013 - Rabbit Calcivirus informationAll About Us 2014/2015 handy information brochure about the type of veterinary hospital we are, and the range of services we provide. file/51988/All About Us 2014/2015Antihistamine Dose Chart is a handy dose chart to use in the event of an acute allergic reaction (such as bee stings) for your dog or cat. Most anithistamines are available from the chemist.file/40422/Antihistamine Dose ChartBody Condition Scoring for your cat should be slim, and slinky - but many I see have that extra body fat that is not healthy for them. What is your cat's body shape telling you about their diet and activity?file/40424/Body Condition Scoring for your catBody Condition Scoring for your dog you ever think about your pet's body shape and score - are they overweight, or just right! This chart will help you determine if your pet needs extra help to lose weight.file/40423/Body Condition Scoring for your dogCaring for Your Cat/Kitten 2015 handy information sheet about the things you need to think about in the care of your kitten or adult catfile/51990/Caring for Your Cat/Kitten 2015Caring for your Dog 2014/2015 handy summary of the things you need to think about in the care of your new puppy, and your adult dogfile/51989/Caring for your Dog 2014/2015Cats and Vets - Stress free visits handy handout on how to bring your cat safely to the veterinary hospital. file/42885/Cats and Vets - Stress free visitsDesexing Brochure 2014/2015 Desexing Brochure for 2014/2015 which lists the prices and packages in an "easy to read" brochure.file/51991/Desexing Brochure 2014/2015First Aid Kit checklist is a list of things all of us should have in our pet first aid kit. On the links page is a link to Councils Emergency information too for our pets.file/41981/First Aid Kit checklistGuess your pet's age is a chart to help you calculate your pet's age. file/40425/Guess your pet's ageHalloween Help and Tips of us love to dress up and go mad at Halloween, and blame the spirits for it! But there are some important tips to know. Read morefile/44291/Halloween Help and TipsHelping a pet cope with loss of a mate a pet cope with loss of a mateHow to Collect a Urine Sample is "liquid gold" and like the real stuff, can be a challenge to get. This handout is designed to help you collect a urine sample from your pet to allow us to do wellness screens. file/42563/How to Collect a Urine SampleSuprelorin - An alternative to Surgical Castration you reluctant to castrate your dog? Do you want to see if castration will make a difference in your dog's behaviour before you do it permanently? or are you needing temporary sterilisation because you have a female dog. Consider Suprelorin!file/45769/Suprelorin - An alternative to Surgical CastrationThe Vomiting Cat - 2014 Intestinal Disease in cats is often overlooked, and treated as a nuisance, rather than understanding that furballs and chronic vomiting is not normal.file/49111/The Vomiting Cat - 2014Vaccination Informed Consent is a simple information sheet which we have created for our clients to help us discuss the important issue of vaccinations. file/40389/Vaccination Informed Consent