Russell Vale Animal Clinic Files - 'Pet Dental Handouts'http://russellvaleanimalclinic.evetsites.netPet dental handounts Dog and Cat Dental services are provided by Dr Liz at Russell Vale Animal Clinic, Digital Dental Xrays, Surgical Extractions, Oral Nodule surgery and more, Are Dental Radiographs Important?"Dentals" do not mean the same to everyone, and many vets perform "dentals" without intraoral radiographs. Radiographs are important, and no pet should have extractions without them.file/42155/Are Dental Radiographs Important?AVA & Pet Dental Month 2013 handy information sheet which talks generally about how to keep your pet's mouth healthy - from 2013 and beyond.....file/46939/AVA & Pet Dental Month 2013Ball exercises are great exercises for the young dog which has "Base narrow" or linguoversion of the mandibular canines (technical name). file/40426/Ball exercisesBones are Bad for Dogs am sick of arguing with people who believe dogs eat bones! Not by choice! Otherwise the poor archeologists would have nothing to do! Before you shoot or shout at me, read this info sheet first. file/33976/Bones are Bad for DogsGold Standard of Pet Dental Care Pet Dental Month in May 2012, we went through the Gold Standard of Pet Dental Care, and listed clinically proven products that are easily available to keep your pet's mouth healthy (and bone free zone)file/42133/Gold Standard of Pet Dental CareGreenies and Oral Health Care are Veterinary Oral Health Council approved - that is they do what they say they do, but only if they are used properly. file/41726/Greenies and Oral Health CareHow to brush teeth is a nice, simple information sheet on how to start brushing teeth. It really is simple.file/30688/How to brush teethRabbits have teeth too handy AVA handout released for 2013 Pet Dental Month - about the dental care of rabbitsfile/46940/Rabbits have teeth tooWhat "grade" are your pet's teeth? teeth are concerned, it does not mean that a higher grade is a good thing! file/30689/What "grade" are your pet's teeth?