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A big welcome to Piper, who joined the animalclinic family and team in January 2014. 

Piper DNA Testing Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Her role in Russell Vale Animal Clinic is the Practice Manager (aka Supervisor).  Unfortunately, due to her age, she can't be the registered Superintendent of the Veterinary Hospital (that still falls under Dr Liz) but she is the one that controls everything else, such as play, sleep and eat times.


More about Piper:

Piper was one of four other puppies from the RSPCA.    She was with her sister, "Liz" at Rouse Hill for a few days.  By the time Dr Liz, Tegan and Paige went up to see what dogs were there, Piper was the last of her litter to go. She was advertised as a kelpie X, but what we saw was an absolutely adorable, playful, happy puppy. We were hers, from the first "hello".

Why not visit my blog to read more about what happened that day?

Her birthdate is in October 2013, so we hope that you join us fin October 2014 for her first Birthday Party (watch out for that invite).

She is still in the stages of her final vaccinations, and we are working solidly towards her socialisation, exposing her to many new things, pets and people.  We need to do all of this before she can come to work on a full time basis (her job descriptions is part time until she is fully trained, and then full time thereafter).   

Piper DNA Testing Russell Vale Vets Wollongong Bellambi Vets

She has started to attend Puppy Preschool classes, which is such fun (as well as an integral part of her staff training). 

Breed Identification DNA Test Russell Vale Animal Clinic

As we thought she was a kelpie X, we were curious as to what the cross would be.  So we ordered a DNA test,  with the results a surprise! The full report is below. Click on it to see what a DNA test report looks like.  We have since ordered a screening for genetic heritable diseases, which is available for pure breed dogs. 

File NameDescription / Comment
Piper's DNA Test Result 2014Piper (originally Tammy) from the RSPCA was listed as a Kelpie X. We were keen to know what the X was, so we ordered an ADvanced Mixed Breed DNA test - to find out something which we had suspected, but wanted to be sure!