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(024)284-5988  I am really big on pet insurance.  It makes sure that nothing gets in the way of allowing me to look after your pets the only way I know - the best way.

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And I know that in many cases, where the pet is not insured, money does get in the way of doing the best thing. That is wrong! 


Russell Vale Animal Clinic pet insurance sick dog catPut it this way, would you prefer to have your pet insured, and pay only $125 for knee reconstruction, or uninsured, and have to pay $4900!  Take your pick.

 As many of my pets do have pet insurance, we have experience with how many of these companies are in dealing with their customers. As a result of our experiences in what we have found care about your pets, we suggest you look at  PetPlan Pet insurance.


And as a pet owner myself, when our new puppy, Piper joined our family in January 2014, we ensured that she had the four weeks free pet insurance, which we have now upgraded to her Supreme cover pet insurance with Petplan.  As a vet, I know the benefits of pet insurance, and I want Piper to have the access to specialists if she ever needs it.  Sadly, our cats are now of an age that insurance would not cover them, but we have self-insured them, by saving a small amount each week, just in case. In other words, my pet's care is part of my family budget, so when something does go awry, I have the money to cover for it.

For all puppies and kittens visits we can  offer you

four weeks free pet insurance (to the value of up to $3000.00),

 obligation free at your pet's wellness visit.

  also offer 13 months for the price of 12 if you pick up a brochure from our veterinary hospital, so you have nothing to lose

Like what you hear?  Want to know how much it could cost?  Visit Pat and Pickles below and get a quote for your pet.  You may be surprised.



Russell Vale Animal Clinic pet insurance


Russell Vale Animal Clinic Cat Pet insurance 

All for dogs 

All for cats 



So don't hesitate - look into it and if you think it will work for you sign up, and let's hope you never need to use it, but if you do, you can rest easy that we can do the best thing for your little mate.

If you don't think you need pet insurance, then make sure your budget will cope with up to $9000 on vet bills in one year, (even in one go) if something goes wrong with your pet, as your other choice would be to let your pet suffer or to kill it.


In 2010, our dog Teddy was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and needed chemotherapy with a specialist.  As a vet, I thought I could deal with virtually anything I was faced with in my pets, but where cancer drugs is concerned, this is best dealt with by a specialist. It cost $10 500 all up for six months of chemotherapy, blood tests, and other therapy. He survived after the initial diagnosis because of the chemotherapy, and we, as a family, we had to do without alot of other things to be able to afford it. Two months before his diagnosis, I was going to get pet insurance for him, and our four cats, but a colleague (strange enough) talked me out of it! What a mistake! Learn from my mistakes, and get your pets covered!

Teddy went to heaven in November 2011 - and we don't regret spending the money on his chemo, as he was a special member of our family. But we did set our boundaries on what we would and could not do - as a result, when his cancer returned in October, we opted to not pursue further chemotherapy with the specialist, but if we had pet insurance - you bet - we would've!  And he could still be with us enjoying Summer Holidays (his favourite time of year - he loved the pool and his tennis ball).


Look at pet insurance more closely and see if that is something that you should consider for your pet.

Always, though, make sure your pet's needs are part of your family budget.

Dr Liz

November 2016


Disclaimer: Nothing on this website constitutes financial product advice. Before making a decision about Pet Insurance you should read the PDS from to determine whether the product meets your objectives, financial situation or needs.