Russell Vale Animal Clinic

17 Bellambi Lane
Bellambi, NS 2518



That is me.  I am the boss of the vet clinic.  You will often see me in the car park checking on how well you park, or in the lounge room (aka waiting room) drinking out of my beloved water fountain, or lounging around on the welcome mat.

Brief History:  I was found in the gutter in Corrimal, unaware of my true identity.  I was taken to Dr Liz (Thank you Mrs Clark), who nursed me through the difficult few weeks of regaining my memory.  It was hard in the beginning, as I did not trust anybody, not even Dr Liz, but Dirk worked his magic on me.

Dirk is such gentle, patient soul.  He understood that I needed time, and that is what he gave me.  He understood I just needed to be loved unconditionally, and that is what he did!

How did I get the name Pandora?

Well, Dr Liz finally got the message that that was my name.  It only took a few days of turning the server off unexpectedly, and putting it into her brain to research the legend of Pandora, for her to realise that that was my name.  To her credit, she was listening. 

I am now on Facebook and Twitter. You can "like" me, - that would be great, or you can "follow" me - either way - thanks!  Dr Liz has Google Plus too if that is your thing! 

I also write a column for Animail Tails called "Dear Pandora".  Feel free to write to me.

Miss P

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