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Well, 2015 has been a very exciting year already for us.

We were a runner up in Kochie's Rescue my Website (as a living legend). This was awesome as we were nominated by a client, and then, our clients had to vote for us!  So, we have to thank all of you for that.

The year starts off with a bang, with being awarded the 2014 Constant Contact All Star Award.

This award is given to only 10% of registered businesses, and is in recognition of the quality of the email newsletters, the open rates and forwards (just to name a few


This is the second year we have received this award.

Constant Contact Russell Vale Animal Clinic

What a surprise this year to receive, for the second year in a row, a Highly Commended in the prestigious AVAPM and Hills Practices of Excellence in Customer Service Award

Missed out on Finalist and winner yet again, but then, every year, a high number of high calibre veterinary hospitals to enter

Thank you all!

Hills Practice of Excellence Customer Service Russell Vale animal Clinic

For the third year in a row, we are Finalists in the nationally recognized Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

These business awards recognize those businesses that strive for excellence in customer service and overall business ethics and success.

It is always inspirational to be at the Award ceremony with fellow business people, as they talk through their struggles, their successes, and why they do what they do.

Anthony Callea Russell Vale Animal Clinic Small Business Champion       Nurse Dirk Rozendaal Dr Liz Chmurycz Small Business Champion vet

Small Business Champion Award Finalist Russell Vale Animal Clinic

   In 2015, we were shocked to be asked to enter the Illawarra Women in Business Awards, especially as we were Highly Commended in Best Business in 2015.  

It was one of things that I thought would never come together - from losing my answers (my first draft copy), to then having the computer crash where I had my final draft (including photos etc), to then not being able to get in the post in time.

It was fortunate that I had done a backup on a seperate computer, and that I was able to submit the application electronically (Thank You!)

Due to my email provider improving their scam mail blocking, I didn't receive notification that I was a finalist, so when I heard that all Finalists were notified, and I heard nothing, I thought that was it.  When I ran into one of the judges at a business function, she congratulated me on becoming a Finalist. So I then had to chase that up. 

If things didn't get harder, Dirk was away at the time with our youngest two kids, so the clinic was on reduced open hours. Being able to contact us to schedule the interview was problematic, but thank goodness for email!

So the day of the interview arrived.  I had intended to get ready at the vet hospital, so took everything along there to shower etc. But guess what - I forgot the outfit (had the shoes thought... very handy). Nothing like a wonderful spouse doing the quick drive from Russell Vale to Dapto and back again, so at least I could go to the interview with some clothes on (other than surgical scrubs). 

Finally, arrived at the interview on time!  Phew!  

The two interviewers were wonderful ladies who advised me that they had a tough job ahead of them due to the quality of the applicants.

The day of the Awards arrived, and it poured with rain! No real surprise that the path wasn't going to be smooth sailing.

We arrived, and the Award lunch went beautifully.  We heard inspiring speeches, heard beautiful singing, and all in all, were in a group of energetic, passionate fellow business people, dedicated to the best in customer service and experience.

                        Russell Vale Animal Clinic Dr Liz Chmurycz Vet Veterinary                                                            Russell Vale vets Award Winning Business Wollongong        

Illawarra Women in Business Finalist Award winning vet Wollongong Russell Vale Animal Clinic

The 2015 Illawarra Local Business Awards was again an amazing event, despite the fact that we had won in both 2013 and 2014.

That is one of the most amazing things of Business Awards, in that a previous failure or success is not relevant, as they assess each business on how they are performing in that year.

It is always a humbling experience to be considered Finalist, and obviously exhilarating to be a winner.

On the award night on the 29th of July 2015, we met some amazing fellow business people, and equally, enjoyed a night buoyed by the spirit and energy of small business.

We did not win our category of Outstanding Pet Care, but we knew, this year, we were up some tough, more established pet care service providers.

A big thank you to all of the animalclinic family who voted for us - you Rock!

Wollongong vet Local Business Awards Award winning vet