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Welcome to our Lost and Found section of our website.

As a pet owner, I have experienced the shock of a missing pet, and the feeling of despair not knowing where they are.  When I was 6, my first dog, Digger went missing. And I remember to this day (almost 40 years later), the feeling of loss, devastation and despair of not knowing where my dog was. As a vet, I do all I can to help pet owners and their pets re-unite.... and hence, our facebook page, as well as the work we do at Russell Vale vets.
Our dog Teddy, (who passed away in 2011) is the happy face of our Lost and Found page, especially as he came to us as a stray puppy, and his companion dog, Sugar (a maltese terrier) was an escape artist, which he would keep company, until she escaped and was hit by a truck. To his dying day, he ran as far away as our front door!. 

Lost and Found Pets of Wollongong and Illawarra

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  We have joined forces with Nowra Lost and Found also on Facebook, and our combined efforts works hard toward reuniting families.  It is together that we all can ensure lost pets get home. 


   Get a FREE pet id tag through Lost Dog's Home and National Pet Register


If you have lost your pet:

1. Please make sure you have your pet's microchip details handy.  
2. Contact ALL of the vets and give them AS MUCH information you can.  Call us on 02 42 845988 and ensure you are able to give us as much information as you can. 
3. Please ensure that your contact details on the Companion Animal Registry (NSW) is up to date (i.e all phone numbers, mobiles, addresses, alternate contacts etc).  This can be done during business hours at your local Council office (Wollongong or Shellharbour Council).

If you have found a pet.

1. Please take it to your local Council to have it scanned for a microchip.
2. Many vets (like us), are only too happy to scan the pet for a microchip, but we are not required to do so by law.
3. Please be aware that it is against the Companion Animals Act 1998 for vets to allow uninjured strays to stay at the vet clinic.  This is not to say that we will not provide emergency shelter, food and water to those pets. But, it does mean that at the end of our closing, we are required by law to transfer all UNINJURED pets to the COUNCIL.  I did not write the law, but must abide by it.

4. We will, when we can, help you find the original owner.  But, be aware that when people are missing their pet, they ALWAYS contact or visit the RSPCA, so really, this is often the BEST chance your found buddy has of finding their missing family carer!

Russell Vale Animal Clinic Lost petsThings are now made a bit easier with Lost Pet Finders - for a fee, they will contact all of the vets, shelters and registered pet finders to keep an eye out for your pet if they go missing. 


And thanks for being a Good Samaritan.  We all appreciate it.

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