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Bill Payment Options:

We are very pleased as of 10th May 2012,  to be able to offer several bill payment options.  Conditions do apply, and this is not designed for those who have the intention of paying nothing.  

Practice Policy is clear in that all consultations are paid for at the time of the service or at the time of discharge of your pet from hospital.  The offering of instalment payment options is not an "account" system where you pay nothing  on the day.  What it does mean is that you are able to spread the repayments of your consultation visit or pet's medical treatment over several months, interest free. 

We accept EFTPOS, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Bartercard at the veterinary clinic directly, and we can accept phone payments through Visa, Mastercard and Bartercard. We also accept direct deposit. Our first preference is payment at the veterinary clinic directly.

But this page is all about online bill payments, and payments via instalments through Paypal for those situations in which you may need it.  You don't need a paypal account but you will need either a credit or debit card if you don't have one.

Conditions, aka the fine print:

1. For Russell Vale Animal Clinic Registered clients only (if you are a new client, go here, fill out the form, and we will add you onto our system as soon as possible). If you want to make a donation, go here.

2. The first payment is your first instalment, and this is due before the consultation or prior to discharge of your pet from hospital. 

3. You cannot cancel your instalment payments unless you have finalised your account with Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

4. Debt recovery steps will be taken for those who default. And, we will no longer be able to be your pet's veterinarian.

5. Only the set amounts above with the terms of repayments are allowed. You are liable for the amounts owing over these amounts at the time of discharge of your pet from the veterinary hospital. We will work below your agreed budget, and advise you if the costs of care is close to exceeding this limit.

6. If the amount you owe (billed) is less than your Payment amount option taken, then this amount will remain as a credit on your account at Russell Vale Animal Clinic for future use, and it will not be refunded as cash.

7. We reserve the right to stop offering this account payment service if we find people abusing this privelege.

8. We are aware that if you have no money at all, and you cannot pay, that no matter how many payment plans or flexible payments we may have in place, you aren't going to pay. You need pet insurance or perhaps, consider getting your financial life in order before you get a pet. A pet is a privelege, and should be valued. All veterinary services provided by Russell Vale Animal Clinic must be paid for by the owner of the pet, or by the person who presents the pet to Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

May 2012


4 Month Interest Free Plans
Four Month Installment Plans
Monthly - Interest Free