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Bellambi, NS 2518


Grade 1 dental disease - is more common that pet owners realise.  It is preventable, and thankfully, with appropriate treatment, we are able to reverse the disease process back to a normal mouth.

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This is for grade 1 dental disease, confirmed and assessed by Dr Liz.

For new patients, please arrange a Free dental assessment at Russell Vale Animal Clinic - no obligation - but be aware, that we care for your pet, and will make recommendations based on what is best for your pet. 

It does also include a single antibiotic injection, and pain relief, as these are areas which are not an optional extra.  If you choose to go to a vet which is cheaper initially, but try to upsell you these, then, it is what it is. Your pet is my main concern, and there are areas which I cannot compromise on. 

It also includes a complimentary 4 day post op check up, and ongoing six monthly dental checks whilst you are a patient of Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

 It does not include:

  • pre-anaesthetic blood tests
  • intravenous fluids
  • take home antibiotics
  • take home pain relief



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