Russell Vale Animal Clinic

17 Bellambi Lane
Bellambi, NS 2518


George was a very special cat that joined us a stray in 2014. On the 17th of September, 2014, we said goodbye to our dear George. 

Please feel free to  sign our condolence card for our George.

Posted By :    Baluroms  (
Posted :    8/24/2020
Comments :    What happened? :
Posted By :    Bronwyn and Saffie
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    We only met you once, but my heart went out to you. I am so sad to know that you won't be there next time I visit. RIP knowing you were loved by all who met you.
Posted By :    April, Ted, Abby & J.J
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Rest in peace, George. Remember your last few happy months with a family who loved you and the nice people who visited your home in Bellambi Lane.
Posted By :    Chris Wilkins
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Rest in peace George. I'm glad your final days were happy and that you were cherished by Liz and Dirk.
Posted By :    Julie David
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    You were blessed in your final months being loved by beautiful people. RIP sweet boy. xx
Posted By :    Lynda Hall
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Sometimes pets come into our lives for only a very short time but what a difference they can make. Thank you so much, all of you, for giving George an extra six months of sunshine and love. RIP George, you were very much loved indeed.
Posted By :    Emma Reeves
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Go get all the mice George, RIP
Posted By :    Jess Hughes
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    RIP George - I will miss you teasing my puppies when we come to visit xx
Posted By :    Pamela Manns Morgan
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Well he is with all the loved ones and feeling "top of the world" now. xxxx OOOO to all xx
Posted By :    Jeannette Southam
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    RIP George. Sad news. He spent the last par tof his life with a caring family.
Posted By :    Chris Carrigan
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Our thoughts are with you all, he was so lucky to have you all, you gave him so much love and you could see how happy he was. He will be sadly missed xxx.
Posted By :    Ruth Brooks
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    George was extraordinarily lucky to have met you.
Posted By :    Glynis Brown
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    May he rest in peace.
Posted By :    Kate Schreiber
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    RIP George, I'm glad that you were surrounded by such wonderful people for the last chapter of your life. Run free on the rainbow bridge with non-achy joints kitty.
Posted By :    Jenny Shuttleworth
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Oh, don't know what to say, he was such a beautiful boy, no more pain bud. So sorry, feeling very sad for you all, take care and much love from jenny.
Posted By :    Sandy James
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Sorry to hear your sad news, but what a lucky man he was to spend the last few months of his life in the care of you.
Posted By :    Sue Delorenzi
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    Liz, you gave him such a beautiful 6 months. He was blessed to have you guys. He will take the love you gave him to the other side. Don't be surprised if you fel him around you xx
Posted By :    Dr Liz and family
Posted :    10/1/2014
Comments :    We love you and we miss you. Rest in Peace sweet man.
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