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Dr Liz and her team know that making a decision to say goodbye to a much loved family member is difficult.  We are here to support you and your family during this time.  Our goal is to give our pet's dignity - in life and in death. 

Whilst we also advocate for and offer palliative care to our pets, we know that for many, it is time to let go.

We know that the experience of euthenasing a pet is unique and individual. 

We will work with you to make this as calm and peaceful for your pet as we can. We are able to do this at our veterinary hospital, either inside or outside (weather permitting), out of normal business hours by prior arrangement or at home (by prior arrangement).  

It is hard to know when the right time is to let go, it is important to acknowledge that the decision to euthenase, from our perspective, is a gift of kindness and love to our pet. 

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Dr Liz completed her Certification in Animal Euthenasia in August 2018 through CAETA.

This is her commitment to offering the highest standards in gentle end of life services to all pets.

A warning - if you continue to read below, we talk about the steps involved in ensuring a gentle transition from life to death.

euthenasia end of life pet, dog bellambiWhen this candle is lit, it means someone is saying their final goodbyes to their family. 

It is important to understand the steps involved. 

  • It is our ultimate goal to ensure a gentle death, respecting the pet at all times
  • We will give a medication that will calm the pet, with the goal of them drifting into an anaesthetic state. 
  • We will clip hair away from a front leg and a back leg. 
  • An injection of euthenasia solution is administered, usually intravenously (depending on your pet's physical condition). We will always follow humane acceptable protocols. (COVID 19 PROTOCOLS currently mean that this will occur through an extension tube to ensure you are there with your pet during this process (respecting social distance rules). 
  • Death occurs within a few minutes of this injection.

At this stage, we will perform a thorough assessment to confirm death. 

If you would like a clay paw print, a ink paw print, a lock of hair or any other memorial, please ask. 

It is a legal requirement to have a written consent for the procedure, during which time we will also discuss with you after care options.  We are  now able to offer online consent. Click here if you wish to take advantage of that.  

We will update the NSW Companion Animal Registry, certifying that your pet is deceased. We are able to issue a Death Certificate if required for insurance purposes. 

After care options available for you 

- Burial at home

- Community Cremation through Patch and Purr - your pet is respectfully cremated, with the ashes scattered in the Rose Garden at Lakeside Patch and Purr

- Private Cremation through RSPCA  - we arrange this for you, with your pet's ashes returned to us for you to collect when you are ready - all fees payable to us directly.

-Private Cremation through Pets at Peace - we can contact them on your behalf if you choose, with ashes returned to you directly (or to us at your request). All fees payable to Pets at Peace directly, but we are happy to organise this option on your behalf. 

- Private Cremation through Patch and Purr with three levels of care available, ranging from the Paws Package (scatter box) to Whiskas Package (urn) to Wags Package (Photographic box or rock with paw print plus extras).  Further information is available on the Patch and Purr website.  You are also able to be present at the time of your pet's cremation through their viewing room if you choose. 

- Council Burial (no longer offered as an option through us, but this is something you can organise yourself directly through Council). 

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us. 

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