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Emergencies ..... First Aid knowledge....

We hope you never need the information in a hurry, but we also know that emergencies do happen, and not always to other people.  Being prepared does alleviate some of the stress of what is happening to you and your pet.

Disaster preparedness is what it is all about.  And it is something that we have thought about, having lived through the 1998 floods  locally, and watching what has happened in many recent years with fires, floods and overall mayhem!

For all of the registered clients of Russell Vale Animal Clinic, we are happy to be an "evacuation centre" for your pets if there is nowhere for them to go.   In the event of a declared natural disaster, this is at no charge, but we will accept donations of any food, bedding and volunteers if this is needed at these times.

Each time you check your smoke detector battery, update your pet's Emergency Information, and keep a copy.  If you wish to email us a copy of your pet's information, we are happy to attach it to your pet's file as needed, at no charge.

Stay safe, Be prepared.

Dr Liz, September 2016

And don't forget to download the First Aid app onto your phone. Available for both android and iphones. Click here.

Please check out this Pet Fire Safety Infographic courtesy of Compliance and Safety.


Evacuation Help information vetReference: Narga website accessed 19th Feb 2015

emergency pet evacuation sheet vet russell vale

File NameDescription / Comment
Emergency Cat Checklist 2016A checklist of vital information for you to keep at your fingertips in a word format.
Emergency Dog Checklist 2016A word file which you can fill out to keep your pet's details in one place.
Pet First Aid & Emergency KitWe have made up a checklist for your First Aid/Emergency Kit. We have uploaded forms for you to fill out your pet's details, print off and save. Get it checked each time you do your smoke alarms.
Pets and Bushfires - 2013 A great sheet by Country Fire Authority Victoria on information on evacuation and pets