Russell Vale Animal Clinic

17 Bellambi Lane
Bellambi, NS 2518


Russell Vale Animal Clinic is NOT open 24/7, and we apologise for any confusion on google which in the past "summarised" this page to list us as "manned 24/7"  We are not a 24/7 manned facility

As a solo vet with a family, it is not possible for us to be awake 24/7 to look after your pets, although we are always available for advice via mobile, email or Facebook. 

Your options of a fully manned, open emergency veterinary facility is Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre, Animal Referral Hospital, the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital and SASH. 

Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre is the closest in terms of drive time - 

Ingleburn Emergency Vet Wollongong Russell Vale

Address: 4/2 Noonan Road, Ingleburn 2565

Phone 02 9829 1947

Click here for their website.

Click here for directions.

We ask that you 

- be kind to the vet on duty, as being a vet is not "just a job', they are there to do the best they can for your pet and you

- be aware that there are fees associated with veterinary care, and that fees are expected to be paid at the time of service. 

- they do have Vetpay if you need it

- I will receive information about your pet's visit, but as a precaution a quick email to us at would be appreciated. 

 Animal Referral Hospital  - they are a 24 hour emergency facility, with exceptional staff on site 24/7 

Phone number  - 02 9758 8666

The Animal Referral Hospital Emergency Service


Homebush Animal Referral Hospital

250 Parramatta Road, Homebush (cnr Flemington Road)


Phone: 9758 8666


The Animal Emergency service is here to support you throughout the Christmas and New Year Holiday Period. It is constantly staffed by experienced emergency clinicians and highly trained nurses and support staff.


Specialists in Medicine and Surgery are on call 24 hours a day.


Advanced imaging including MRI and CT available.


After the public holidays, all cases will either be referred back to the patient’s regular veterinarian or, if needed,

referred on to a specialist at the Animal Referral Hospital.


ARH is Sydney’s largest and oldest independently owned

Specialist and Emergency Referral Centre.



Animal Referral Hospital is based at Homebush.


File NameDescription / Comment
Disaster ChecklistA handy list of items for your First Aid kit, Disaster travel kit etc - the traumas of last Summer in Queensland with the multitude of lost pets should remind us that being prepared reduces the stress at the time of loss.
First AidA handy information sheet on first aid for pets - get your first aid kit ready for you and your furry friends.