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Desexing your family pet.... and there is nothing routine about this very common every day procedure.

In many female peDesexing animals in Wollongongt's lives, it will be the only time that their abdomen is opened up and looked at.

And in all male's lives, it is the only time that their testicles get to see the light of day.

And it involves something which seems to scare people at any other time, such as when their pet needs to have their teeth cleaned.... and that is the anaesthetic.

And yet, people ring around for the cheapest price like they are looking to buy milk or bread!  Whilst, technically, a desexing involves the same thing such as removing ovaries and uterus in a female, and both testicles in a male, in all fairness, no two vets are alike in the procedure, the medications, or the care that they take (even within the same veterinary hospital).

At Russell Vale Animal Clinic, we have a range of quality, effective anaesthetics, such as Methadone and Alfaxan, and all of our desexings, go onto the super safe gaseous anaesthetic machine, where the pet's medications are tailored to effect.  Control of pain, and your pet's comfort are very very important to us, and for your peace of mind, we choose only the best in instruments.


Did you know that Russell Vale Animal Clinic subsidises the price of the desexing package by up to 30%?)  We currently subsidise  this because we believe in supporting our loving pet owners who just don't want the extra babies in the household, as we know we are part of the community, and we have the means to help!i

Please note: We do not offer pensioner discounts or discount desexings.  




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Before the Big Day:

  • If you have chosen us to desex your pet, but we have not seen your pet before, we would really love to give them a check over (on us) - we would love to meet them, get to know them and you, before we become the "Big Mean Vet that Does the Desexing", as we don't like to be Big or Mean.  You can book your pet in for a Free First Visit.
  • If we have seen you before... G'day!
  • On the night before the "Big Day", make sure your pet is given their normal dinner and activity.  At around 10 pm, pull up their food bowls, and don't allow access to any other food, treats, bones or anything else.  Water access is fine.
  • If your pet has regular baths, please bath them a day or so before.

On the Big Day:

  • No Brekky (yes, its hard, I know)
  • Bring them in with their favourite toy or blankee in between 9.15 and 10 am.
  • That gives us plenty of time to perform the pre-anaesthetic blood tests, sedate them, and prepare them for their Big Surgery.

That afternoon:

  • We usually txt you with an update, and to confirm their "Go Home" time - which is, usually, between 5 and 6 pm.
  • When it is time to go home, allow about 15 minutes to go through our detailed home instructions - because the ball is now in your court on how successfully  your pet recovers from this major procedure.
  • Don't forget to be gentle with your pet!

That evening:

  • Keep your pet quiet, and warm
  • Give any further pain medication if dispensed to you (for the Deluxe dogs and cats)
  • Call us if there are any concerns

And remember, we are there for you.... as pet owners ourselves, we know what an important step you have taken for your pet's welfare.




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