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Updated 30th April 2020

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Oh wow, what a tumultuous few months we have had. 

Effective immediately - We will lock our doors with availability of out door waiting or car park waiting.  We have out door seating, outdoor pergola set up with ample room to allow for social distancing. 

Monday 23rd March -  No walk in appointments at all.  

Tuesday 24th March - No public access to our waiting room.  We are continuing to offer consultations at the vet hospital on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (and depending on demand, we may open on other days). On the other days, we will be offering remote consultations and surgeries. 

Moving Forward: Dr Liz has now split into three personalities - Email Dr Liz, Virtual Dr Liz and the Real Dr Liz - each becoming the dominant personality on different days.  (see below).

House Call Delivery - of medications, food, and flea/tick control.  Click here to order

Essential Vs Non Essential Services - The Australian Veterinary Association are working through a draft recommendation of what is Essential Vs Non Essential services during the COVID 19 crisis  We are working through a similar list 

Our Operating Theatre - RE-OPENED April 27th 2020. Available on Mondays for all surgeries, dental procedures and other procedures.  Online bookings essential..  It is not "Business As Usual", it is "business in a manner that shows that we care for our community, you and your pet." 

We will be doing home deliveries of all medications and foods to existing clients, with those who want to pick up, have them available for pick up on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

Make a booking

How will it all work? 

All bookings must be made through our online booking system  Its easy. Just click on what you want, for example "Email Dr Liz".  Follow the prompts - add in your name, contact details etc. Make your payment. You will be sent an email on what to do next, which is fill out an online health questionnaire, which can be found here. 

If you are suffering financial hardship, and you are a regular client of Russell Vale Animal Clinic, we will help you as much as we can in these trying times.  This needs to be booked via the online booking system. 

Email Dr Liz: -

This is for those who require advice and help with their pet's health via email.  Book and pay online, and send an email and photos (can also do this via Facebook Messenger if you choose). We will work through things with you, and then submit a final recommendation and plan for you.  If it appears that your pet will need a physical consultation, then any fees paid will go towards the "Real Dr Liz".  The online health questionnaire also needs to be filled out, as well as any further surveys we require prior to our final assessment. 

Virtual Dr Liz -

This is for those who do not necessarily require a physical examination but needs a conversation to work through your pets illness or chronic condition.  Book and pay online, send any photos you need to via Facebook messenger or email. Complete the online health questionnaire.  We will SMS you 5 minutes prior to your "virtual" appointment, and then will call you at your appointment time to talk to you about your pet's condition.  If any medications or supplements are needed, these are extra, with payment due at drop off or pick up.  If your pet does need a physical examination, then any fees you have paid will go towards the "Real Dr Liz". 

Real Dr Liz -

This is for those where a physical consultation is needed - a check up is needed to lay "hands" on your pet, to work through what is going on, and administer any medications that are needed. You can pay for the consultation online or you can pay it all at the vets. This is the personality you are most familiar with.  The Real Dr Liz is available Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (with close time on Saturday extended to 2 pm (from 12 noon).   Our operating theatre opens on Mondays now. 

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We love feedback, as its lets us know if we are doing OK, and if we are not.  Our Ears is a page for you to give us information. Click here.

File NameDescription / Comment
Dr Liz's Certificate of Infection ControlOur certificate that we are knowledgeable and trained in infection control with respect to COVID-19.
Guelph Uni Triage SheetAn example of the triage that we will be implementing in the months moving forward