Russell Vale Animal Clinic

17 Bellambi Lane
Bellambi, NS 2518


Do  you like our dog and cat models for our logo?  They have been with us since the very beginning.  Initially, they were sitting in a car, as part of the logo for Vets on the Move in 1996. They were a bit paler then (in black and white).  Then in 1998, they agreed to pose for the new hospital base for Vets on the Move... the place you know as Russell Vale Animal Clinic. This time, they were in colour! 

Russell Vale vets Dog

Their full body shots is not well advertised.... you usually only see the top half of them, or worse still, their paw print on the signage.

So, here, in internet land, we will release their full body shots. Both models would appreciate that their image is not used out there without their permission.

It's not fair on them.  After all, they had to go through gruelling hours of poses before they reached this kind of perfection.  Out of respect for them, please, keep these shots on this site only.

We are not even permitted to reveal their true identity, for fear of pupparazzi!

So, we will call them "cat" and "dog".  I tried once to give them names, and people twisted them around and "hounded" and "pawsecuted" these two.

And no, they are not a couple, nor have they ever been a couple.  They don't fight like "cats and dogs", being the consummate professionals that they are!

They are just two very special beings, who enjoy doing what they do best. Putting a smile on their faces to make everyone feel better!