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Did you receive a birthday card that looks like this?

Russell Vale Animal Clinic Puppy Kitten


Happy Birthday to you - look through the choices available, and there are more in the vet hospital too (that haven't made it onto this page)







Smiles Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Pressies for Dogs


Maya Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Pressies for Dogs


Pressies for Cats

 Why not choose a nice warm blanket.


 A fun tug toy for hours of tugging fun!dog birthday vet Russell Vale


 CAt nip rat toyA cat nip rat toy sounds perfect for a birthday pressie!

Pigs Ears Russell Vale Animal Clinic A yummy pigs ear might be the best birthday pressie.

Russell Vale Animal Clinic barking  Maybe you need a barking solution?


Blanket cat toy fun Russell Vale Animal Clinic Cats love nice warm blankets to sleep on and under.


Greenies dental care wollongong vet A greenie dental treat is the healthy alternative.

Ball toy Russell Vale Animal Clinic Balls are fun to throw around and great exercise too. These are teeth friendly.

Dental Wollongong cat greenies Russell Vale Animal Clinic vet hospital Cat Greenies come in chicken or ocean fish flavour. Yum!


Choose your gift, and email us. Or just come in with your birthday card, which is your entry card to our birthday box.

We add new things all the time! 

Do you like our pet  models?   They are part of our animalclinic family, and were part of our photo shoot in May 2013.

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