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 All About Rabbits

 Since Cicero joined our family in October 2014, my knowledge on the day-to-day care of rabbits has increased. Whilst I do know a bit about general rabbit medicine and surgery, I didn't put alot of thought into what they actually ate. 

What we know about rabbits

  • they are adapted to eat a large volume/high fibre diet
  • their diet in the wild is grass, not pellets
  • most commercial diets are designed for lab rabbits who do not have a long life

 I knew that the food that many vets who specialist in exotic pets (such as rabbits and guinea pigs) recommend Oxbow foods.  When Cicero joined our family, we went out to buy it from the pet produce store in Albion Park and Shellharbour and we could not find it. 

 So, we are now a local stockist of a broad range of Oxbow high fibre/low calcium foods.

 We currently stock 

  • Western Timothy Hay 1.13 kg
  • Western Timothy Hay Harvest Stack with carrot - 1 kg
  • Adult Guinea Pig Food
  • Adult Rabbit Food
  • Young Rabbit Food
  • Critical Care for Herbivores in the sachets (daily dose Aniseed only) and the 141 gm bags (Apple/Banana and Aniseed varieties available) 

We intend to broaden our range over time. 


Want to know more about Cicero?  You can read about him here on the bellambivet blog




File NameDescription / Comment
All about Rabbit CalicivirusA handy information sheet about the Calicivirus that kills our rabbits
Oxbow Foods RRPProduct Catalogue on the Oxbow Range of foods