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17 Bellambi Lane
Bellambi, NS 2518


Who We Are

We are a group of people who are obsessively passionate about all animals. 

Russell Vale Animal Clinic Wollongong Veterinary

Dr Liz - Veterinary Surgeon & Dirk - Veterinary Nurse

I  (Dr Liz) am Wollongong born and bred, to Polish born parents.   My family consists of Dirk (my life partner and vet nurse) and four children (Tegan, Haiden, Sean and Paige).  Dirk was born in Tokoroa, New Zealand, to Dutch born parents. We are pet lovers like our clients - we have two cats at home -  Dash, and Pusski (inherited cat) (and the neighbours cat "Feral" (they named him, not us) who sneaks in to grab the cat food!).  Pandora, the cat that owns the vet clinic, is also an essential part of our family, even as the boss of the vet clinic. In January 2014, we also welcomed Piper (read more about her below).

Dr Liz

and her family (Sean and Paige not pictured)


Illawarra veterinary animal clinic bellambi lane vet

Pandora's Box Russell VAle Animal Clinic

 Pandora - the boss

That is me.  I am the boss of the vet clinic.  You will often see me in the car park checking on how well you park, or in the lounge room (aka waiting room) drinking out of my beloved water fountain, or lounging around on the welcome mat.

Brief History:  I was found in the gutter in Corrimal, unaware of my true identity.  I was taken to Dr Liz (Thank you Mrs Clark), who nursed me through the difficult few weeks of regaining my memory.  It was hard in the beginning, as I did not trust anybody, not even Dr Liz, but Dirk worked his magic on me. Dirk is such gentle, patient soul.  He understood that I needed time, and that is what he gave me.  He understood I just needed to be loved unconditionally, and that is what he did! 
How did I get the name Pandora?
Well, Dr Liz finally got the message that that was my name.  It only took a few days of turning the server off unexpectedly, and putting it into her brain to research the legend of Pandora, for her to realise that that was my name.  To her credit, she was listening. 

 Feel free to write to me at or 

Russell VAle Animal Clinic Piper kelpie

Breed DNA Testing Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Piper - the Practice Manager

Welcome to the newest addition to the staff at Russell Vale Animal Clinic - which is Piper, a Kelpie X. 

She joined us in January 2014, starting her veterinary working life at RSPCA Rouse Hill. 

We wrote more about her in our blog this year, so why not find out more about how she joined our family!

Read more about Piper here!


Bellambi Lane veterinary animal care Nurse Tegan

Tegan - BA  Veterinary Nurse

Tegan is currently in her third year of her University Degree, studying Psychology. (2013) She has assisted unofficially since she was about 7 years of age, and officially since she was 16.  

Her interest is in animal behaviour and motivational training (and World Peace!

She is also a Certified Animal Behaviourist, and has helped us modify a few things in the veterinary hospital, to make it a happy place for our cats and dogs.... no more dogs putting on brakes at the front door.

In December 2013, Tegan graduated from the University of Wollongong





We found out a few days ago that their images had been "stolen" and are available on google images, under veterinary logos, so they have gone into hiding, until I can arrange new identities for them.

 Cat and Dog

 Do  you like our dog and cat models for our logo?  They have been with us since the very beginning.  Initially, they were sitting in a car, as part of the logo for Vets on the Move in 1996. They were a bit paler then (in black and white).  Then in 1998, they agreed to pose for the new hospital base for Vets on the Move... the place you know as Russell Vale Animal Clinic. This time, they were in colour! 

Their full body shots is not well advertised.... you usually only see the top half of them, or worse still, their paw print on the signage. 

We are not even permitted to reveal their true identity, for fear of pupparazzi!  

So, we will call them "cat" and "dog".  I tried once to give them names, and people twisted them around and "hounded" and "pawsecuted" these two.  

And no, they are not a couple, nor have they ever been a couple.  They don't fight like "cats and dogs", being the consummate professionals that they are! 

They are just two very special beings, who enjoy doing what they do best. Putting a smile on their faces to make everyone feel better! 

There is a blog post dedicated to these purr-fectionists.