Bellambi Vet Blog

Dr Liz from Russell Vale Animal Clinic is the author of this blog. This is all about people, animals and veterinary life, day to day. It is full of information, opinion, and stories of the hidden aspects of a (mad) veterinarians life.


General Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to develop a loving pet owning and caring animalclinic community for the benefit of all and we ask that everyone be treated with respect and courtesy.  We reserve the right to edit or de...
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A brief history of Dirk and Liz

All About Dr Liz and Dirk Qualifications: Dr Liz - Bachelor of Veterinary Science - University of Sydney 1989 - Registered Veterinary Surgeon - N5071 NSW Dirk  Ba...
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The bellambivet Blog is back for 2022!

The bellambivet blog is back, with a new look for 2022.  I think I said a similar thing last year too, but that did not happen because of something called COVID, and in 2021 it was still COVD.  What ...
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