Russell Vale Animal Clinic Files - 'Medic Alerts'http://russellvaleanimalclinic.evetsites.netRussell Vale Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital with a strong focus of keeping all pets safe and healthy. And we can do that by being aware of the diseases that are out there. Medic Alerts is there for you.Emergency Details - Cat is a Word document for you to fill out your pet's medical information, and store it into your emergency/first aid kit. file/42324/Emergency Details - CatEmergency Details - Dogs is a word document for you to fill out and print off with your pet's medical information, to go into your emergency/first aid kit.file/42323/Emergency Details - DogsMedic Alert - April 2012 this first issue of our Medic Alert, we focus on Disease Watchdog, Coughing dogs, Feline Leukemia Virus and Myxomatosis which kills rabbits.file/41967/Medic Alert - April 2012